Organic Aesthetics London

Meet our Ambassador

Step into a world of beauty, resilience, and holistic well-being as we extend a warm welcome to the esteemed actress and singer-songwriter, Victoria Ekanoye, as our distinguished brand ambassador at Organic Aesthetics London. Renowned for her roles in Coronation Street and The Royals, Victoria not only brings her artistic brilliance but also a powerful narrative of triumph over adversity.


Victoria’s journey, marked by her triumphant battle against breast cancer in 2021, has fuelled her commitment to meaningful causes, making her a patron for Prevent Breast Cancer and Sickle Cell Care Manchester. Now, she extends her advocacy through the global documentary, The Naked Truth, shedding light on the challenges faced by African women and the diaspora dealing with cancer. This Christmas, she graces ITV’s The Real Full Monty, further amplifying the crucial message of cancer awareness.


Organic Aesthetics London, co-founded by the esteemed Professor Afshin Mosahebi and skincare virtuoso Asal Shirazi BEM, stands as a sanctuary of inclusivity and innovation in the field of aesthetics. Victoria, having faced rejection from other clinics, found solace and empowerment in the ethos of Organic Aesthetics. Rejecting the notion that those undergoing chemotherapy or managing chronic conditions should be excluded from aesthetic treatments, the clinic prioritizes the mental and physical well-being of its patients.


Asal Shirazi, a champion overcoming chronic disease herself, underscores the importance of safe treatments for the immunocompromised, a service often underestimated in its impact on mental health. Victoria, sharing her experience, expresses her astonishment when Organic Aesthetics responded with openness and clarity to her inquiries about various treatments. The clinic’s commitment to safety, especially considering her sickle cell condition, resonated with her need for supervised and inclusive care.

The post-treatment skincare regimen provided by Organic Aesthetics is meticulously crafted to be toxin-free, functional, and exclusively plant-based, reflecting the clinic’s dedication to premium, luxury products. Professor Mosahebi, renowned for his expertise in plastic surgery, ensures that aesthetic treatments are delivered safely for individuals like Victoria, who have been unfairly denied such services elsewhere. He has even witnessed the detrimental impact on breast cancer patients whose mental health and overall quality of life suffered due to the denial of aesthetic treatments.



Organic Aesthetics London transcends traditional aesthetics, offering a comprehensive approach to well-being that includes blood testing, cancer genetic testing, vitamin infusions, minor surgeries under local anaesthesia, and more. Partnering with top professionals in the fields of oncology, orthopaedics, general medicine, and diagnostics, the clinic becomes a one-stop destination with a holistic focus on the overall health of the individual.



In welcoming Victoria Ekanoye to Organic Aesthetics London, we not only celebrate the partnership of an extraordinary individual but also embrace a shared vision of redefining beauty, resilience, and holistic well-being. Together, we embark on a journey that inspires a paradigm shift in the perception of aesthetic care, affirming that everyone, regardless of their health journey, deserves access to safe and inclusive aesthetic treatments. Step into a sanctuary where beauty meets compassion, and well-being is paramount. 



Welcome, Victoria, to Organic Aesthetics London.