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About Us

Who are Organic Aesthetics London?

Organic Aesthetics London was the brain child of Professor A Mosahebi, and Asal Shirazi, who have increasingly become aware of the higher rate of autoimmune and cancer sufferers globally. He has listened to his patients who are continuously seeking more functional and safer natural skincare products as well as requiring aesthetic treatments that are not available to them due to their chronic condition or medication. Asal, herself is a chronic disease sufferers and has been refused every where for aesthetics treatment. Ironically, those like Asal are exactly the ones who need these treatments to help them feel good about themselves and their physical appearance.

They have partnered with a senior professional pharmaceutical expert, Ben Jahangeer, a prescriptive pharmacist, to create an advanced aesthetic and well being clinic that will address all the aspects of the clients towards improving their physical and mental well being.

Why do we do this?

Unlike most other clinics who just address the skin condition straight away, we want to find out the cause of the condition. The skin is the biggest living organ of the human body and most ailments (such as autoimmune disease which is particularly on the rise at the moment due to stress), allergies or conditions manifest themselves as symptoms in the skin. At Organic Aesthetics London, we want to help to look at the issues from inside out.


Our first port of call is a consultation and then if appropriate we will refer you for a screening blood test at the same facilities. Many skin conditions can easily be rectified through dietary supplementation and life style change with Nutrition advise because how ever much you carry out aesthetic treatments, the root of the problem will still remain to give further symptoms.


Meet The Team

Prof Ash Mosehebi

Consultant Plastic Surgeon – MBBS FRCS FRCS(PLAST) PHD MBA


Professor Mosahebi is the head of one of the largest plastic surgery teaching units at Royal Free Hospital. He is also the Deputy Editor of the prestigious Plastic Surgery Journal (JPRAS). He is a Council Member for the Royal Society of Medicine and British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, as well as being a member of the research committee for the British Association of Plastic Surgeons.

Furthermore, he is the member of Specialist Advisory Committee on Plastic Surgery of the United Kingdom and is involved in teaching & training of plastic surgeons.

Ben Jahangeer

Ben Jahangeer
Pharmacist and Director at Organic Aesthetics

Ben Jahangeer is a dynamic Pharmacist and Director at Organic Aesthetics London, with a proven track record of success in the pharmacy industry. Through his passion in pharmacy and healthcare, he has developed a deep understanding of pharmacy operations, strategic planning, and business development across both NHS and Private sectors during a career spanning over 15 years.

Mr. Jahangeer’s leadership has been instrumental in driving growth and development for various pharmacy ventures. He excels in creating and executing comprehensive business strategies that align with market trends and regulatory requirements. His ability to foster strong relationships with suppliers, healthcare providers, and regulatory bodies has been a cornerstone of his success.

Asal Shirazi BEM
Consultant Practitioner

Asal’s brain child was to have people like herself benefit from aesthetic treatments that could either have physical benefit or mental health benefit. She had been pursuing the idea for a few years after having been refused aesthetic services at every high street clinic she went to.

Hence, she brought together a highly skilled professional medical team to benefit clients from every aspect of wellbeing which goes along with a chronic disease from eczema to cancer. The team and associates are the highest ranking in their fields covering mental health, to aesthetics, to diet, to blood testing and genetics, plastic surgery and pharmaceuticals.

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